Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

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Got a question about the Rug & Upholstery Cleaning services offered by Garner’s? Check out some of these Frequently Asked Questions for your answer! Still have a question? Feel free to give us a call at (860) 646-5630

Do you offer Free Quotes & Estimates?

Yes, please call or use our contact form to receive a Free Quote/Estimate for your cleaning needs.  Most quotes can be done over the phone upon receiving project details from the customer.

How far are you willing to Travel?

The distance we’re willing to travel is based on the size of the job. Additional rates my apply for long distance jobs.

How effective is your Cleaning Process?

The water being used during the cleaning process is over 200 degrees which penetrates deep into the carpet and upholstery fibers.  The hot water, combined with our cleaning shampoos, kills about 90% of Germs and Bacteria and will remove dirt, stains and spots.

Can you Deodorize my Carpets and/or Upholstery?

Yes, however there is an addition fee for deodorizing.

Can you remove Pet Stains?

We do use an Antimicrobial Enzyme for difficult Pet Odors and those alike. But there is no guarantee we can remove the odor based on time, frequency of issues and other factors. Urine is Toxic which can often permanently remove color from carpets, furniture fabric and can cause mold if left untreated.

How Long is the Drying Process?

Normal drying time for Carpets and Upholstery is usually between 4-6 hours, certain variables may affect this time like the weather outside and conditions inside.

Do I need to be Home?

Customers can stay home during the cleaning process or arrange for me to service your property while you’re away.  As always, security for the belongings and property is paramount.

Do I need to Move my Furniture?

We’re always willing to assist (within reason) to shuffle around small items but larger items will need to be moved by the customer before we arrive.

Do I need to provide Water & Electricity?

No, our vehicles are completely self-contained providing us both Water and Power.

How long does the 'Average Home' take to clean?

There is not a clear cut answer to this question, please call us to discuss your job and we can provide and accurate job completion time.

Do you Sell or Rent Equipment/Shampoos?

No, we do not – we only offer our cleaning services, not selling products.

Are your Cleaners/Shampoos Safe?

We don’t use any solvents, all of our solutions are shampoo based and not harmful.

What types of Carpet Fabrics and Upholstery do you clean?

We clean a wide array of carpet and upholstery styles and fabrics. With upholstery, we do not clean Hattian cotton. We also do not clean leather.

Any Limitations?

The truckmount cleaning system  limits me to roughly 200 feet, I must be able to access your carpet/upholstery within that hose length.


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-Neil S. Joslin, Owner/Operator

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